We are excited to announce that Pataua Holiday Homes has a Honda Accord Euro Tourer (a five-door station wagon) and a Mazda MX5 available for rent. 

All insurance and GST is taken care of when you book through YourDrive

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Honda Accord Euro Tourer

The Honda Accord Euro Tourer is a five-door station wagon. DOHC 2.4-litre (2354cc), fuel-injected inline four-cylinder.

The Tourer looks sensational, with its rising wedge beltline and tapering rear windows. Prominent wheel arches add to its athletic looks. It's a great way to move five people or with the seats folded there is heaps of room to move a load of stuff.

Five-speed automatic gearbox with Gear Logic Control. Manual shift function using the gear lever or steering wheel-mounted paddles.

It comes with is a reversing camera and a cable to connect your iPhone to the Auxiliary in the stereo. Given its vintage, teh stereo comes with a CD player. There is no Bluetooth.Book now at the link above!

Mazda MX5

MX5 is a smart black Mazda Roadster with brown leather interior - a fun way to zap around Northland in summer with the wind in your hair and clear blue skies above.

Mazda certainly got the looks right with this MX-5 with a snazzy combination of design features carried over from the original, and some borrowed from Mazda's other sporty models.

With a front-mounted and responsive, naturally aspirated engine, rear-wheel drive and near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution. It's a sports car in every sense.